Founded in 1966, Gandaki Boarding School (GBS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and nurturing students with knowledge, character, and service. It is a selective co-educational boarding school that serves students from Grades 4 to 12. 

The school excels at providing well-rounded, student-centered programs through a concept-driven, inquiry-based curriculum. The school not only focuses on academic performance, but also on extra curriculum activities such as sports, artistic, and creative work. There are a variety of clubs at the school that can help students develop their potential, including Health and Sanitation, Handwriting, and English. There are several departments and administrative sections in order to perform well which results in better output in terms of present and future scenarios.  build Seven academic departments and seven administrative sections team up to work for a better output. In recent years, the School has added a new ICT building and a swimming pool. Gandaki Boarding is affiliated with NEB and Cambridge University where it offers both +2 science, +2 management, and GCE A-Level Science.

Offered Courses: NEB And Cambridge University 

  • +2 management 
  • +2 science 
  •  GCE A-Level Science programs.

Scholarship schema :

Gandaki boarding school provides scholarships from class 4 to class 12.  The scholarship is for those students who are from underprivileged, marginalized, backward, remote areas, and low castes who are given 20 – 25 % off.



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