Narayani Model Secondary School

As a night school, Narayani Model Secondary School was founded in 2020 BS. The classes were initially conducted at Bharatpur Secondary School with many obstacles. Later, the classes were conducted at Chitwan Secondary School. Upon completing seven years, the classes were held on their own land by building seven-round roomed buildings in the year 2027 B.S. Since 2013 B.S. the school had been conducting secondary classes at night and lower secondary classes during day time. But later the overall classes were taught in the daytime. The school started conducting primary classes in 2039, nursery classes in 2050, and +2 Classes in 2061.

Not only this, Narayani Model Secondary School provides accommodations, food, and hostel facilities to blind and mentally handicapped students. It has been providing quality education to 27 blind students and 19 mentally retarded students.

Narayani Model Secondary School is now known as one of the established community schools which has stepped forward for its academic excellence. Narayani Namuna Secondary School Bharatpur has received a shield with eighty thousand cash prizes. A variety of social organizations, including the Rotary Club, Lions Club, and Rotary Women’s Club, support this school with food, clothes, etc. Plus, the school manages a rickshaw service to pick up and drop the blind and mentally retarded students.

Academic Program:

  • +2 in Management
  • +2 in Science
  • Diploma in Information Technology-CTEVT

Contact Address:

Location: Bharatpur-10, Chitwan, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal

Phone No: +977-56-520162/531957, 9855066088, 9845051091

Email Address: [email protected]


Opening hours: 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM


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